What is Elfidea?

Elfidea is a special collection of personalized ornaments and decorationsm clothing, toys, accessories and collectibles based on the famous Kingdom of Santa Claus original characters.

Each Elfidea product is a portal to a magic world! Eache one comes out with a QR code carryng a dive into the Christmas spirit through the free download of "Every day is Christmas"... the famous book written by Giorgio Onorato Aquilani relaunching the contemporary Christmas.

Thanks to the fantastic Elfidea displays, the concept can be easily adapted in each store without loosing its magic!

There are people who live Christmas only on December 25th, the day it occurs

Many others have a different vision: for them, experiencing Christmas means experiencing the light-heartedness and goodness of mind typical of the most anticipated holiday of the year every day!

We at "The Kingdom of Santa Claus" belong to that type of people and try to live every day with the same enthusiasm and positivity
typical of the Christmas period.

We hope that you too, who read us now, can live your days with the same light-heartedness that you feel at Christmas.

ELFIDEA was born from this concept. A special collection of customizable decorations dedicated
to the characters that populate the Santa's Kingdom.

Characters that represent each of us.

Each character of The Kingdom of Santa Claus has very specific characteristics!
Have fun looking for the closest to you and the people you love!

Among the characters you will find:

Christmas belongs to everyone and we strongly believe that every person can have it the character that best represents his personality.

Are you cheerful and sociable like 100% Elfetto?
Responsible like Henry the Nutcracker?
Or sensitive like Rudy? The sweetest reindeer in Santa's Kingdom?

And the person you will give a character to?

Is he tenacious like Lampo? The fastest and most stubborn Reindeer of all!
As sensitive as 100% Elfetta?
Or funny and playful like Steve the Candy Cane?

What are you waiting for? 
Let yourself be overwhelmed by the joy of Christmas and give a gift as unique as the person you love.

Get to know the characters of

and customize your favorite.


That’s the title of the book written by Giorgio Onorato Aquilani to share the vision, values and secrets behind the most common Christmas Symbols… a read that can change anyone’s life! Enjoy the ride…