I'll tell you a story!

Elfidea was actually born a long time ago!

It all started with a dream. The dream of a family with a wish: that the magic of Christmas lasted all year round and that it could reach all homes, even in those of less fortunate people!

Slowly this dream came true. The Aquilani family has created for its viewers “Santa's Kingdom”!

Giorgio Aquilani
Founder of the Kingdom of Santa Claus and Elfidea

Character  of the Kingdom of Santa Claus

Think, initially "The Kingdom of Santa Claus" was a single house, as small as a garage, perhaps too small to contain the great dream of the four founders: Giorgio, Enrico, Anna and Stefania.

And today? Today it is a solid reality!

Every year over half a million visitors from all over Europe venture into this over 8000m2 vast Kingdom passing through the Christmas Gate, the village, the Workshop of the Elves, the house of Santa Claus, the Frozen Wood and much, much more.

Wait, there is more!

This story is not over yet! The creators of the Kingdom of Santa Claus still continue to dream and do it bigger and bigger. That's why they created Elfidea! To make even the smallest wish come true. 

Thanks to Elfidea all the gifts and characters from "Santa's Kingdom" can be customized as you wish! 

Because? So everyone can have a simple but unique gift and a keepsake that, however small, carries a special message.