Dr. Krampy 


The Santa's Grumpy cusin.

In charge of the large coal fields where the coal for the naughty children is mined and prepared, he is always complaining to Santa Claus because his work is not appreciated enough. In fact, Dr Krampy thinks that his job is just a huge waste of time because Santa Claus, along with his elves, always finds a way to turn every naughty child into a good one… so the coal is always just used to heat the rooms in Santa’s Kingdom.

An outstanding rock scholar and a multi-graduate at the best universities around the world, Krampy takes himself very seriously and thinks that the magic of Christmas is just a waste of time and that children had better all grow up very fast.’.

Character and temperament

Extremely touchy and grumpy, Dr Krampy never rests and argues with Santa Claus claiming that he better get a real job because children all grow up, start working, earn piles of money and buy themselves all the presents they want... even the ones they don’t deserve! And to top it all off, they also end up forgetting about Santa Claus... turning him into a fairy tale they no longer believe in! Santa, with his infinite patience, never fails to remind Dr Krampy that even if children grow up and can buy whatever they want, they cannot stop life from bringing them coal in case this grown-up child misbehaves.

“Huh, well, my dear Santa... what about the little ones who then no longer believe you to be real?” mumbles Krampy in his big voice....

“Oh Krampy...” sighs Santa rolling his eyes, “a child only stops believing in the Spirit of Christmas because an adult teaches him to believe in the wrong thing. Look, the Spirit of Christmas is not visible to the eyes, it is a good wind that animates the imagination of the most beautiful minds and is made real through small great gestures of love... where there is this there is the Spirit of Christmas... where there is this... there is also me, Santa Claus”. 

And this is always the exact moment when we realise that deep down, Dr Krampy is a good grumpy guy who just needs a few extra hugs when he is so stressed... .


If you do not listen to your heart and your head is heavy and swampy, beware, you are growing up like Dr Krampy!

Dr. Krampy