Pretty the 100% Elf


Legend has it that the first 100% Elfects were born in the enchanted forest of Santa’s Kingdom in the year 2012. Stylistic and always cheerful, 100% Elfetta is also an Olympic Champion in building and wrapping presents, a faithful helper of Father Christmas even during deliveries!

Character and temperament

Pretty’s cheery disposition is contagious to say the least, always optimistic, lively, sociable, euphoric but above all she is the only one who can handle Lucy, the Light of Christmas who doesn’t let anyone catch her! It is usually Pretty who picks up Lucy and brings her to shine over Santa’s Kingdom when it opens! Pretty the 100% Elf is pure love, a thoughtful and wise confidante... the best friend that everyone would want! She loves reading the short letters children write to Santa Claus and has the magic to intervene when she realises a child needs help not to lose faith in the Christmas Spirit! How? Well... Pretty visits the child... without being seen, she loves to leave notes and clues in the bedrooms of the children who need love the most! 

A judge of quality in the Flakes academy, she can find the right game for parcels of all shapes and colours. Always tidy and sweet-smelling, it is said that a Pretty hug can bring out the most beautiful part of the one who receives it!


The light of Christmas shines bright with my touch, as I am the only who that magic can catch!