Buddy the 100% Elf


Tireless Christmas enthusiasts, Buddy and all the 100% Elves are the official inhabitants of Santa’s Kingdom! Legend has it that the first 100% Elf was born in the enchanted forest of Santa’s Kingdom in the year 2012. Buddy is an Olympic champion in building and wrapping presents, and as long as any other 100% Elf he is Santa’s faithful helper even during deliveries!

Character and temperament

Buddy’s cheerfulness is contagious to say the least, always optimistic, lively, sociable, euphoric, and always enthusiastic... The idol of all children who love playing with him! For a 100% Elf there are no problems, only solutions! In the Kingdom it is rumoured that not a single sulky 100% Elf has ever been seen... but this is also thanks to Steve the Candy Cane, who is directly responsible for the festive atmosphere in every corner of the Kingdom!

Buddy the 100% Elf doesn’t get on too well with the ‘grown-ups’ who no longer believe in Christmas but is ready with his enthusiasm to try hard to cure them and change their minds. He can’t stand crumpled wrapping paper! He is very keen on separating waste well; he wants a clean and healthy environment! A 100% Elf favourite food? Gingerbread and hot chocolate! It is now a tradition to toast with Santa Claus with a nice hot chocolate after the delivery of the last present! If you can’t find Buddy in the toy factory, he’s in the pastry shop, for sure!


If your love for Xmas is true and pure, you’re a 100% Elf! I know for sure.