Lampo the Reindeer 


A multiple champion in all disciplines of the Nataliades (the Christmas Olympic Games), Lampo’s speciality is the Marathon, and it was during a run that Santa Claus noticed him and chose him to be part of the Official Team for the delivery of the Presents! The son of Dasher and Comet, two of Santa’s snappiest and most historic reindeers! From their love little Lampo was born. From his very first flights, it was immediately clear that his main characteristic was SUPER SPEED! An essential element for those who, like Santa Claus, must deliver presents to children all over the world in just one night!

Character and temperament

Lampo loves his look for which doesn’t go unnoticed, with his medallion in the shape of Lightning (a present Santa Claus gave him on the day of his birth). He is very disciplined and focused on his training and loves to tell the children about his great exploits of strength and speed... a born motivator! His mission is to drag as many children as possible towards a healthy and high-performance lifestyle. It is Lampo who encourages all the other Reindeer to do their best and keep fit throughout the year. So, he organises running challenges and races around the trails of Santa’s Kingdom, trying to pass on his love of running... or rather, renning! 

Even if Lampo loves super speed, some close friends swear they have heard him say that he wishes the Christmas season would pass more slowly, because it is the most beautiful and magical time of the year.


Reduce every distance whenever you need, thanks to the magic of my super speed!