Lucy the Star


All began thanks to a special wish....

“I long for a magical place... a place that unites all Christmas lovers like me.” That was the wish a child made on a winter’s night when gazing at the starry sky hoping for a sign, he saw a shooting star so bright that his dream came true... And it was indeed our Lucy who had fallen from the polar star to fulfil that wonderful wish. But where had she fallen? Glowing in the sky, she landed on top of a castle, and something magical happened that night!

Pretty, the100% elf, relentless as ever, was on her way up to the attic to fetch the decorations for the tree when she heard a great...bang!!! The first encounter with Lucy was extraordinary, because a true friendship of trust and tenderness took off immediately. “What’s your name?” Said Pretty “My name is Lucy, and I am the Light of Christ as!” “ be the Light of Christmas there is something you lack dear... Wait, I’ll help you... here you are!”

And Pretty, as a symbol of their bond, gave her a red and white Pompom Christmas hat. Lucy was so happy, and when she received her first Christmas present, a light shone brighter than ever made of the love she had just received from that gesture. (Can we see what has just happened? A gesture of selfless love returns the same love multiplied infinitely... and this is what makes Lucy shine). “Well… Pretty, it is as if I have fallen on top of your Castle.... so, let’s make some sense of it! There is a Castle, all of you are there, there is Santa Claus... I will stay here, and this will be Santa’s Kingdom’.

Character and temperament

She is very elusive, not easy to approach and not easily taken in by anyone who is unaware of the grace required to deal with her… only Pretty can, thanks to her good manners and sensitivity!

She enjoys films a lot; her favourite song is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds in the version sung by Elton John. She is very funny and hyperactive. And her favourite day is when Santa calls everyone to make the huge central Christmas tree and 100% She-elf places her on the tip, lighting everything up!

She enjoys playing a little mischief with Dr Krampy, because every time he sees her shining over the kingdom, he puffs like steam from his coal factory. However, she refuses to give up, she wants to warm the cold heart of that dark big man she is so fond of at all costs. So, when he turns his back to get back to work, Lucy giggles between herself and runs to give that cold, coal-smeared nose a warm, beaming kiss (they say this is the only actual moment when Dr Krampy hints a smile under his mustache).

What is it that keeps her lit?

The children who believe.

She loves shining for those who long to find the way to the true Christmas, this is her job! Shining to guide people to find the hidden values Besides, she receives the location of Santa Claus from all the stars in the sky and updates the control room where there are the 100% Elves checking that the deliveries are going well


Searching for the most beautiful Christmas magic, no need to look afar, Close your eyes and follow me... I am Lucy, the Star!

Dr. Krampy