Steve the Candy Cane 


Steve is the candy cane from Santa’s Kingdom! Like all candy canes, he was born in the land of forgotten sweetness. Santa Claus in person called him to his Kingdom to remind everyone that there is no bitter moment that cannot be sweetened! He is the best friend and motivator of every 100% Elf. Steve is the one directly responsible for the crisp, sweet and happy air at Santa’s Kingdom.

Character and temperament

His energy and temperament are so engaging that he heals quickly any bitter side of those he embraces! Everything is sweet and everything is beautiful with him! A unique character, he takes nothing too seriously... but he becomes overly precise when he must organise some tricks! Steve is the Kingdom’s trickster, the soul of the party. His favourite pastime is sticking up and dragging everyone along with him in dances, photos, videos and yes, let’s face it, 

Steve is the most social inhabitant of Santa’s Kingdom! He loves Rock music so much and he says that he is the one who inspired Elvis with his hair! Steve is a friend who knows no boringness! World champion of funny faces, always ready to put a new smile on your face.


I bring sweetness in all hearts like an hurricane. Nice to meet you! I am Steve the Candy Cane.