Rudy the Reindeer


Grandchild of the world-famous reindeer Rudolph, Rudy the Reindeer was born in the dreamy prairies of the Great North. Just like his grandfather, Rudy can turn his little red nose on (she usually does this with a funny sneeze) to light the way to every child’s house! Rudy knows all the star trails in the sky perfectly well, which is why Santa relies on her to guide the sleigh to the most remote places.

Character and temperament

Rudy is a romantic and dreamy reindeer! She loves Christmas lights and gets excited every time she sees a house festively decorated in flight! Rudy is the favourite friend of nature and all animals! Always ready to protect and defend them from any lack of respect. On the night of 24 December, she loves to eat carrots prepared by the children and is always happy to have a chat with the dogs and kittens she meets at their homes. When in the right company, Rudy loves to ice-skate and indulge in wild dances!


No more dark on the path because, you can count on the light of my shiny nose!