Henry the Nutcracker


Henry the Nutcracker was born in a carpenter’s shop in the City of Courageous Hearts! He descends from the most important family of dream guards and is called upon by Santa Claus to protect the Kingdom from the villains who want to stop Christmas.

Character and temperament

Henry is responsible and his first concern is that young and old enjoy the magic of Santa’s Kingdom safely and trouble-free. Henry never gets out of line; his outfit is always IMPECCABLE even when he is not on duty! A few folks at the Kingdom call him somewhat of a fanatic because he has a real weakness for fashion and physical health. However, rumour has it that he is a softie on the inside who gets excited when he sees the happy, dreamy children at Santa’s Kingdom. Under his stylish jacket, there is a sensitive heart just like those of all the brave people defending the good in the world.


Inside the Magic Kingdom and its beauty, I guarantee fun and safety, it’s my duty!